At The Leeds Library, we are so lucky to have a wonderful and committed group of members whose annual commitments enable the Library to thrive and continue to be a place for people to read, learn, celebrate and relax.

Find out more below about the different ways that you can support our work and ensure the treasures of the Leeds Library remain for future generations.

Join a Giving Program

Library Lover | £10,000 per annum – Unrestricted funding is the lifeblood of our Library, enabling us to operate efficiently and direct funds where the need is greatest for the good of the organisation at any given time. As a Library Lover, you’ll ensure the Library can continue to thrive for the people of Leeds and beyond for decades to come.

Collections Champion | £5,000 per annum – For a committed gift of £5,000 per year, you could sponsor a specific collection and ensure its maintenance and care for the enjoyment of others.

Learning Legend | £2,500 per annum – Join a special group of people and organisations who fund our education and outreach team to share the joys of the Library and its collections with the children of Leeds.

Sponsor a book

Sponsor the Annual Collection | £30,000 one-off gift* – Support the Library’s growth by funding the acquisitions budget for a whole year and a memory card will be added in the cover of each item purchased that year, recognising your support or that of a loved one. For further information please complete a Contact Us Form

*Can be made as one £30,000 gift at the start of the year, or a quarterly gift of £7,500.

Sponsor a Book | £50 one-off gift** – Purchase an approved book for the Library and a memory card will be added in the cover, recognising your support or for that of a loved one.

**Value of acquisition must be under £40.

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