With further relaxation of the Covid-19 measures anticipated from the 19th July, we intend to operate the Library as following:

Face coverings

We feel that the best way forward is to adopt a common sense and considerate approach so that all staff and Members feel as comfortable as possible when visiting and using the Library.  This will mean that when seated in any part of the Library Members may remove face coverings if they so wish. When walking through the Library or when browsing the shelves we request that all Library users including staff wear a face covering. This will not be an enforced rule but a common sense request.

Entering the Library
Members and visitors will no longer need to sign in and the foyer will be returned to its previous layout with the exhibition display units taking centre stage. Members will therefore need to use their swipe cards to gain entry to the Library and the foyer will not be staffed. The locker and cloakroom area will be available once again.

Events programme
It is anticipated that our events programme will resume in September with events being presented to audiences both in the Library and also online. For the time being events will have a reduced capacity of between 50 and 70 chairs so that seating is more spaced out for audiences. Details of our autumn events programme will be circulated in the coming weeks.

Opening times
Our opening times will remain as they are for now, with a final change being made at the start of September to coincide with the staff team no longer having to work in smaller team units.

The Covid-19 crisis has continued to impact the way the Library has operated over the last 16 months. With the Library now moving forward more to how it used to feel pre-Covid, we would especially like to thank all Members for their continued patience, understanding and support during what has been a very complicated time. We hope that over the coming weeks we will see an increasing number of Members visiting the Library as the need to wear face coverings throughout a visit is removed.

Events at The Leeds Library