From 1st April 2023, the cost of Leeds Library Membership is going to increase and the changes to the cost of each membership type are given below. As you can see, the increases equate to £2 a month for individual membership, and £3 for household membership. 

Please find below some Frequently Asked Questions regarding the changes. If you have any questions which are not covered below, please contact us at 

Increase in membership fees 2023 – Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What are the new membership fees?

The new annual membership fees will be as follows:

  • Individual £156
  • Household £234
  • Concessionary £75
  • Remote £104
  • Access £104

For individual members the new fee is £13 a month which compares favourably with many other leisure activities such as membership of sports clubs and gyms.

  1. What were the membership fees previously?

The current membership fees are-

  • Individual £132
  • Household £198
  • Concessionary £66
  • Remote £88
  • Access £88
  1. When do the new membership fees come into effect?

For existing members, the new fees will be effective from your next renewal month on or after 1st April 2023. For example, if your renewal date is in April, the increase will take effect on 1st April, if your renewal month is in September, your new rate will start in September. The new rates will apply to all new memberships from 1st April 2023.

  1. How did you decide on the new fees?

We increased all fees by broadly the same proportion but with some protection for those eligible for concessionary membership.

  1. Why are you increasing membership fees?

Since the membership fees were last increased in 2018, we have had to absorb a significant increase in the costs of keeping the Library open.  With the sharp increase in inflation over the last 12 months we unfortunately have no option but to increase the membership fees proportionately unless we are to reduce the quality and quantity of our services to members which we do not want to do. We are not alone in having to take action to make sure our books balance.

  1. What’s the rationale for doing this now when there is a cost of living crisis?

We realise that everyone is dealing with the impact of the cost of living crisis.  However the Library is not immune to the impact of increases in the costs of services and goods. We have not increased our fees for several years and we need to do so now to avoid putting the Library at risk by running increasing deficits

  1. Why was the fee increase not raised at the AGM?

The full impact of the cost of living crisis on the Library only became apparent after the AGM.

  1. Isn’t this increase the result of buying 15 Commercial Street?

No. The finances of 15 Commercial Street are treated as separate from the running costs of the current Library. It is those running costs that have increased significantly in recent years and have led us to increase fees.

  1. What steps have you taken to reduce the Library’s costs before resorting to increasing membership fees? 

Over the last six months the Library has reviewed all of its operating costs  to ensure that we are working in the most cost-effective way possible. In addition we intend to not fill some vacancies that have recently arisen.

  1. Can we expect membership fees to increase each year from now on?

Trustees will review membership fees annually which may mean that in the future the membership fee increases further, but with a smaller increase than this year.

  1. What can I do to help spread the cost of my membership?

Payment by Direct Debit is the easiest way to spread the cost of your membership over the year. Monthly and quarterly options are available. Please speak to a member of staff to set up a new Direct Debit or make changes to an existing mandate.

  1. What can I do if I can’t afford the higher membership fee?

Any member who currently receives Universal Credit or Pension Credit is entitled to the concessionary membership rate.  For those members who do not receive these benefits and who are finding the membership fees hard to pay, we do offer monthly and quarterly membership payment schemes so as to reduce the impact of members paying the full cost of membership in one lump sum.

  1. How can I get more value from my membership of the Library?

We are constantly striving to bring value to your Leeds Library membership by increasing the range of benefits available. Full details of membership benefits for different categories of membership are set out on our website here.

  1. Can I pay my membership fee monthly?

Yes, you can do this by setting up a Direct Debit instruction to pay your subscription. Ask us for a form to switch to monthly payments.

  1. How do I change to paying by direct debit?

Speak to any member of staff in the Library to collect a form, call 0113 2453071 or email for us to post a form to your home address.

  1. How do I switch from an annual direct payment to a monthly or quarterly payment?

Speak to a member of staff in the Library, call us on 0113 3453071 or email and we will be happy to make changes to your payment frequency.

  1. When is my membership fee due for renewal?

Your renewal month is included in our original communication to you. If you are unsure, please contact us.

  1. How do I change my membership category?

This usually depends on how you pay and when your renewal falls but we can accommodate most change requests. Please contact us to discuss your needs further.

  1. I have a question that is not covered here. How can I contact the right person at the Library?

You can contact Membership Officer Claire O’Brien (, if you have questions about your membership payments, renewal dates and membership categories. For everything else, contact the Library on 0113 2453071 or at and we will do our best to assist.


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