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‘Extraction to Extinction’ by David Howe LLF22

by Leeds Lit Fest


Everything we use started life in the earth, as a rock or mineral vein, a layer of an ancient seabed, or perhaps the remains of a 400-million-year-old volcano. This book offers a thrilling account of how, from clay to copper, from Aluminium to rare earths, so much of our world started off in the earth as a rock or mineral. But we are digging into and scraping away the surface of our planet at an unprecedented rate. What will the future look like for our depleted planet? Join us to understand the fascinating ‘big picture’ popular science from an outstanding communicator and former academic , David Howe OBE, whose career spans both natural and social science.

Date and Time

Wed, March 2, 2022

12:30 pm - 1:30 pm


The Leeds Library

18 Commercial Street
Leeds, England LS1 6AL United Kingdom

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