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Dickens Double Bill, featuring Doctor Marigold and The Signalman LLF22

by The Leeds Library


Delve into the world of Dickens and experience the atmospheric performance of Gerald Dickens as he gives a spine chilling one man show of the classic ‘The SignalMan’ and the melodramatic ‘Dr Marigold’, written by his great-great grandfather, Charles Dickens.

A chilling ghost story set in a deep, damp railway, ‘The SignalMan’ tells the story of a lonely signalman who proclaims his terrible tale to a complete stranger. The signal box, the tunnel, even the telegraph wires seem to haunt him at every turn and Gerald’s performance reflects the brooding nature of this Gothic paragon. In a double bill, he will also perform ‘Dr Marigold’, one of Charles Dickens most popular readings. The Doctor of the title is a market ‘cheap jack’, named in honour of a doctor who assisted at his birth. On the surface he is a trader with a rapid sales-patter, but underneath lies a story both moving and heartbreaking. Dr Marigold still moves audiences as it did in Charles’ day as we follow the relationship and life of the Doctor and his beloved adopted orphan, Sophy, as he attempts to amend his past paternal hardships.

Gerald began his theoretical career in 1993, performing an energetic reading of ‘The Christmas Carol’ which since has been performed in considerable theatres and art centres across the world. Subsequently, he has directed and performed a plethora of acclaimed shows, including Mr Dickens is Coming!, The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby and Great Expectations.

Date and Time

Wed, March 2, 2022

7:30 am - 9:30 pm


The Leeds Library

18 Commercial Street
Leeds, England LS1 6AL United Kingdom

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