In light of the media reports regarding the Covid-19 strand of the Coronavirus, we wanted to give you an update on measures that we are currently taking to reduce the possible spread of the virus between users of the Library.

Actions being taken are as follows:

Boxes of tissues have been placed on every table within the Library for the benefit of members and visitors. Should a Member cough or sneeze, it is requested that they use the tissues provided and dispose of the tissue in the bins now positioned in each room. It is also requested that Members wash their hands after a cough or a sneeze.

All items returned to the counter by Members will be cleaned by the counter team before being re-shelved or passed on to another Member. You may see the Library team using gloves to undertake this task.

All doors within the Library that aren’t fire doors, will be left open so as to minimise the need for Members to use door handles.

The Main Door handles, Green Button release button, Member computer keyboards, water machine and tables will be cleaned at regular intervals each day.

All crockery and cutlery used by Members and staff will be washed in the dishwasher at the highest temperature to ensure that germs are killed.

Whilst current planned events will go ahead as normal, the Library will commit to not booking any new events for the foreseeable future whilst Covid-19 is a concern.

We will use social media, the Library website and notices displayed in the Library to inform Members of any changes to the arrangements detailed above, as and when necessary.

We would request that during this time, Members should avoid visiting the Library should they feel unwell particularly if they have coughs, sneezes or other cold-like symptoms.The staff team have been given the same instruction.

We will continue to monitor the situation and follow best advice which may result, at some point, in the Library having to operate restricted hours or close temporarily. Should that become necessary we will give you as much notice as possible. However, we are committed to giving you the service you are used to and using common sense to underpin any decisions we make on the matter going forward.

Carl Hutton
CEO, The Leeds Library


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